Easy to Use

Using the JeNu Ultrasonic Infuser System is easy, even if you don’t have much time. It’s not an extra step in your daily beauty routine—it’s simply the best, most efficient way to apply the treatment products you already use.

Step 1

Apply the treatment product of your choice onto clean skin as recommended.

Step 2

Place the conducting gel on the tip of the ultrasonic infuser. Use a pearl-sized amount for smaller treatment areas.

Step 3

Press the power button to power on. Gently move the device in a circular motion over the areas you want to treat.


The JeNu is waterproof and easy to keep clean. Just run water over the head of the JeNu Infuser after you use it, and dry it off with a towel.


When the JeNu Infuser is flush against the charger, silver side up, it’s ready to plug in. There are no clunky cords, the device takes up no more space than a night light.


Store on the charger or with your skincare products. The JeNu Infuser is small enough to fit in any makeup bag or travel case.