JeNu Ultrasonic Infuser (2 pcs.)

The JeNu Ultrasonic Infuser harnesses the power of ultrasound technology and a proprietary MicroSphere Conducting Gel™ (sold separately) to maximize skin care product absorption. By increasing the absorption, the JeNu Infuser helps your favorite skin products perform better. More Info...


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The JeNu Ultrasonic Infuser harnesses the power of ultrasound energy with a proprietary MicroSphere Conducting Gel™ (sold separately) to maximize skin care product absorption. By increasing absorption, the JeNu Infuser makes your favorite products work better and faster.

Product Details: Your new JeNu Infuser is a revolutionary way to increase the absorption of the active ingredients in your skin care products. Using 365,000 pulses of ultrasound energy per second, the JeNu Infuser vibrates the microspheres in the MicroSphere Conducting Gel™ on the skin. The vibrating microspheres help push the product into the skin, resulting in increased absorption. The JeNu Ultrasonic Infuser is pain free, quick, safe for home use, and can be used with your favorite skin care products.

How To use

STEP 1: Apply your skin care regimen as normal, or follow the application tips below recommended by JeNu's Lead Medical Advisor, Dr Sonia Batra.

STEP 2: For each half of your face, start by using a dime size drop of the MicroSphere Conducting Gel on the head of the Infuser If this is too much, just try using a little less on the next treatment. There shouldn't be any gel left over after treatment. If there is you can just gently wipe away the excess.

STEP 3: Press the power button to on. Gently move the Infuser in a circular motion over the areas you want to treat. For more targeted areas like crow's feet, use a pearl size drop of the MicroSphere Conducting Gel on each eye. Treat each eye IMth JeNu for one minute for maximum results.

Dr. Sonia Batra's Skin Care Application Tips

After cleansing and toning, layer on your skin care lightest to heaviest in the following order:

  1. Apply eye treatment
  2. Apply serum(s)
  3. Apply moisturizer

For best results, wait 1 minute between steps 2 and 3 to ensure they don't mix when absorbing.

You are now ready to use your JeNu Ultrasonic Infuser!

Study Data

Based on the results of an independent study with 160 women:

  • 90% of women said that the JeNu Ultrasonic Infuser System made their existing products work better
  • 80% of women said that they felt more confident after adding JeNu to their beauty regimen
  • 80% of women said they couldn't believe how much faster they saw results when they added JeNu
  • 2 times as many women stated that they were satisfied with their appearance after adding JeNu

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I'm using the go pure skin care line, vitamin C cleanser, retinol, hylauronic acid, and collegian with my regular moisturizer and of course eye cream. *

by Susan on 8/10/2017


by E Sisney on 8/7/2017

Truly have seen a differance in my skin and pore size. Luv how my skin glows and feels. Highly recomend.
Customer service *

by Mara on 4/11/2017

I wanted to write a review to express how wonderful the customer service is for the Jenu product. They answered all questions in a timely manner. They were helpful in all aspects. It is not often that a company stands behind its product and its word. I highly recommend this company and its employees
First time user*

by rutledge54 on 4/5/2017

I've just started using this product and I am not sure if it is changing anything yet. I don't know how long it takes to see results. Yes, I really want it to work! The product is easy to use and it doesn't take much time either.
I bought the refurbished one and I received a wand that looks brand new! *

by Carolina Gaucho on 1/2/2017

I bought the refurbished one and I received a wand that looks brand new! You could never tell it's refurbished. Brand new packaging. Perfect condition wall charger and good size conducting gel. I even scored a free USB charger!!! On top of that the shipping was super fast. I'm very pleased with the transaction and quality of the product.
I've been using it for the past three days so I cannot talk about the long term effects, but what I immediately saw was that my skin is moisturized like I have never been able to achieve with lotions only! I completely love this tool. I will continue using daily. Thanks JeNu!
Fantastic customer service!*

by Anne on 8/24/2016

I had an issue with my infuser and they stayed with me to the end - with great attitudes! Love my infuser and my younger-looking skin. Be faithful with your infuser - you'll love the results.
Jenu infuser*

by Shari on 6/17/2016

I am 53 and started using the Jenu infuser about 12 weeks ago. The results are amazing. At first I saw small changes , I thought I was just imagining.. But this week my face is firmer, lifted and smoothed. The fine lines have been reduced and I have had several people ask me what have I been doing? The results are noticeable to others. I used it for 1 min for morning and 1 min for evening on my face only. The results are so dramatic I will now do my neck.

Worth every penny, just stick with it.
grfeat product*

by Jan on 5/17/2016

I am68 years old. this is a miracle...I was using some good products and so I had an abundance of products I could still use. I have some facial swelling....I saw a difference in my skin after about 10 days...really helped with the swelling and wrinkles.
No results *

by Kris on 5/14/2016

Terrible! Does not work at all.
Very impressed*

by Carriel on 4/13/2016

I'm very pleased. Used it for 3 weeks on my right side of face and arm. My friends said they saw a difference. I did too but wasn't sure if it was just wishful thinking. I'll continue to use the products. It's easy to use. I use it once a day. I bought the refurbished one and so far so good. No complaints.

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