The JeNu Difference

Our mission is to develop the most natural formulas possible today that are also safe, effective & luxurious. We strive to source the purest, most powerful ingredients while also creating new manufacturing technology to help our powerful ingredients stay natural & potent. Our progress has allowed us to replace a synthetic emulsification process with a patent-pending natural & eco-friendly cold-manufacturing process known as JeNu High Tech Natural™ Technology – a mineral based technology designed to deliver formulas with an elegant texture, maximum effectiveness & increased absorption.

The problem with products claiming to be 100% natural

Many brands claim to be all natural, yet a quick scan of ingredient lists tells you a completely different story. Most brands intend to create truly all natural formulas but are then faced with the current limitations in manufacturing them. There are 3 key functions required for developing a cosmetic formula – sourcing, emulsifying and preserving.


During this process, suppliers must preserve the large batches of natural ingredients and extract the molecules from the source. Each ingredient is sourced differently, so we strive to choose the most potent and natural version available.


This key step requires the use of high heat and synthetic chemicals in order to bind ingredients together to create a luxurious formula. This process acts like a glue for all the ingredients, whether natural or not. Only JeNu utilizes the patent pending mineral based JeNu High Tech Natural™ Technology in place of synthetic emulsifiers.


While formulating cosmetic products for many years, we’ve never found a 100% natural preservative system that truly works. We choose to create a combination of synthetic and natural preservatives to ensure the formulas we make are safe and luxurious.

Our Promise

We promise to be honest and transparent about what we put in our formulas and work with the beauty industry to regulate the safety of ingredients used in personal care products.

We promise to develop safe, non-toxic, efficacious and luxurious formulas that are as natural as can be until they can be truly all natural.

We promise to continue to innovate on new manufacturing technology so that the entire formulation process is designed to allow ingredients to stay in their purest, most potent and natural form while delivering on efficacy and luxury.