Why We Exist

Beauty industry veterans realized the skin care industry was only telling half the story. We saw that consumers were still spending billions of dollars per year on their skin care regimens even though they were claiming to be dissatisfied with the results they were getting. Despite powerful formulations and the latest ingredients intended to produce visible results, there remained one critical problem…..unless they are absorbed into skin they can’t be as effective as they were designed to be. They knew from studies that in many cases as much as 90% isn’t absorbed due to a number of factors†. A main one being that skin acts as a barrier and is designed to keep things out – good and bad. Without a means of delivery, most product would just sit on the surface and waste away. That inspired former executives of the largest skin care store in the U.S. which carries over 750 brands including the likes of SkinCeuticals, Dermalogica, SkinMedica, La Roche Posay and Obagi, as well as acclaimed dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra and a leading bioscientist, to deliver a solution that rewrote the other half of that story.

JeNu stands for effective cosmetic skin care. We are the union of two elements: the right formulation, and also the right delivery method to drive the formulation’s ingredients into the skin, where they can work effectively. Until JeNu was created, the only option for increased absorption was through in-office procedures including micro needling, ablative lasers, and chemical and mechanical peels—but they are expensive, painful and time-consuming, and can cause redness and swelling. With JeNu, you can increase the absorption of your favorite skin formulations to get better results; the type of results you seek—at home, in a way that’s pain-free, convenient, and safe.

†Surber C, Davis AF: Bioavailability and bioequivalence of dermatological formulations; in Walters KA (ed): Dermatological and Transdermal Formulations. New York, Decker, 2002, pp 401-498