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14 beauty gadgets and devices with a cult following

One Nordstrom reviewer, "I was somewhat skeptical when trying this product... I've tried every product and thought I'd seen every device - but, never a wand. What a difference trying the Ultrasonic Infuser made to my fine lines and wrinkles!...The results around the mouth (really plumped up my lips) were immediate. The eye area took about 2 weeks. These days, I'm a dedicated user - using it on my entire face. "

- Aol.com, May 2017 | Read More


Speaking of skincare, recently I've been pushing the efficacy of my night time lotions to the max. The JeNu Plus Ultrasonic Infuser actually pushes your skincare six times more into the skin than when products are applied with your fingers alone. Think ultrasonic skin care is an alternative fact? The photo above shows how plumped my skin was after massaging a hyaluronic acid serum into my fine lines with the JeNu Plus. How cool is that?

- Gouldylox.com, May 2017 | Read More

Mother’s Day 2017: 25 Gift Ideas and Beauty Presents for Every Mom
For the Mom Who Loves Tech

This ultrasonic infuser improves the absorption of her skin care products, and this latest version is very on-trend, wearing real 24-karat gold.

- GLAMOUR.com, April 2017 | Read More
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Life-Changing Beauty Products You've Probably Never Tried

This high-tech beauty gadget helps facial serums, oils, and creams absorb faster into the skin than ever before.

Livingly.com, April 2017 | Read More
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Hype or Heavenly: At-Home Anti-Aging Tools

The Claim: Increases the absorption of your skincare cream by six times, in only a minute—thanks to 365,000 pulses of ultrasonic energy per second.

The Reality: Reviews are mostly glowing, indicating that the JeNu does actually help on a myriad of trouble spots, including crow’s feet and fine lines around the lips, the neck, and frown lines.

Theladylovescouture.com, April 2017 | Read More
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Fortunately, boosting skin absorption is not completely out of your hands. There’s a gadget for that: The JeNu Ultrasonic Infuser emits ultrasound waves that gently vibrate the skin … for skin care to move through.

Alicebeauty.com, April 2017 | Read More
Closet Of Style

JeNu Plus

As for my personal results, I have noticed a huge difference in skin hydration. And because of that, my skin looks smooth and supple.

- Closet of Style, March 2017 | Read More

These Will Be the Biggest Skincare Trends in 2017, According to Dermatologists

As technology and the beauty industry continue to intersect, expect to see increasingly effective skincare devices hit the market. "I've seen a huge surge in new tools and devices for at-home use in skincare," says Nazarian. "Companies are finding ways to put the power in the hands of the patient, allowing them to access laser and light technology at home with handheld devices.

- Byrdie.com, January 2017 | Read More
The Asian Magazine

4 Skin Care Essentials That Make Your Beauty Regimen Glorious This Winter

JeNu Plus Ultrasonic Infuser is featured in the largest Chinese magazine distributed in the U.S. as a skin care essential for the winter.

- The Asian Magazine, January 2017 | Read More
New Beauty

The Most Innovative Skin Care Products and Tools to Get Your Hands on Now

Any skin care regimen is incomplete without this must-have tool that works to maximize the performance of your go-to products by emitting 365,000 pulses of ultrasonic energy per second to increase and enhance product absorption. Translation: The ingredients will be able to seep into your skin and work better instead of just sitting on top of it and eventually evaporating.

- NewBeauty.com, December 2016 | Read More
XO Vain

What's on Your Beauty Wishlist This Holiday Season?

“I've always wanted one of those skincare devices that makes your products absorb better supposedly, like the JeNu Ultrasonic Infuser….”

- XOVain.com, December 2016 | Read More
The Mom Edit

Foolproof Christmas Gifts For Girls, Guys….and Kids

I've been using the JeNu ultrasonic wand and I LOVE IT. You basically put on your normal nighttime face creams, then squirt a little gel on, and go over wrinkled areas with the JeNu. The ultrasound increases absorption of your face creams. I haven't been using it long enough to see a major wrinkle reduction, but I do notice that I'm immediately more moisturized, so I'm hopeful the anti-aging pieces is working, too.

- Themomedit.com, December 2016 | Read More
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This is a game changer in the battle of anti- aging…

My mother who has lovely skin (she never sunned) purchased the JeNu as she had concerns with some crows feet around her eyes. The JeNu softened the lines within one week, after a few weeks I cannot see them at all. I now use the JeNu as well and have seen my dark circles under my eyes lighten dramatically. I will use JeNu for the next 40 + years! Your skincare treatment products are packed with the best ingredients — but if they aren’t being absorbed into your skin, they are being wasted.

- Medium.com, December 2016 | Read More
Citizens of Beauty


It’s the most wonderful time of the year to try the best anti-aging skincare treatments and devices for the home…. JeNu is a powerful skincare tool that uses 365,000 pulses of ultrasonic energy per second with proprietary MicroSphere Conducting Gel to increase your products absorption. It increases product absorption and allows your skincare to be the most effective.

- Citizensofbeauty.com, December 2016 | Read More
New Beauty

The Ultimate Luxury Holiday Gift Guide

If you want to get even more out of your beauty products, than this is a must-have. Using the power of ultrasonic energy, the 24-karat gold tool allows your creams, serums and whatever else you use on your skin, to absorb better than when used alone.

- NewBeauty.com, November 2016 | Read More
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Best Beauty Tools To Gift For 2016

JeNu Infuser ranked #4
As the end of the year approaches, it’s time to round up all the best gadgets and gizmos out there. We love a good beauty product, but we get really nerdy about great beauty tools. So, get your tech on with the most advanced products out there. Some are a bit of a splurge, but it’s been a really rough year. We’re all in need of some pampering, so find yours (or give the gift of luxury to someone else) with the top ten beauty tools out there.

- Rankandstyle.com, November 2016 | Read More
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We Tried 6 New Anti-Aging Skincare Devices—Do They Work?

“This was one of the few devices where I saw immediate results—essentially the results I was used to by using my go-to products on their own, but visibly amplified. And thanks to the ease of use and its small size (I don't know where I'm supposed to store all of these little machines in my tiny apartment!), it has quickly become a staple in my routine.”

- Byrdie.com, November 2016 | Read More


The fusion of science and vanity is underway, and we’re not mad about it. We’ve always wanted to try microdermabrasion—and the thought of trying it out for the first time while reclining on our couch has us feeling giddy…. Using 365,000 pulses of ultrasound energy per second, this device ensures that your skin will fully absorb any skincare product you slather on.

- Milk.xyz, November 2016 | Read More

Gouldylox Gifting Guide: Beauty Edition

You can't be disappointed with this curated collection of beautiful buys. Let's celebrate! Don't age gracefully - fight it where you can with JeNu Ultrasonic Infuser…

- Gouldylox.com, November 2016 | Read More
Violet Grey

Editor’s Picks The JeNu Ultrasonic Infuser

The astonishingly effective wand that increases skincare absorption.

- Violetgrey.com, November 2016 | Read More
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Beauty & technology – Connect To Beauty

Meet the futuristic stick that wants to hack your beauty routine. Skin doesn’t typically absorb products all the way, leaving some excess to wash off or evaporate. JeNu helps skin maximize absorption……The future looks good.

- GLASS Magazine, September 2016 | Read More
Our Body Book


Instead of evaporating product onto your skin, ingredients can be absorbed as intended to transform in half-the-time. The hype and results are real—and the rose gold design rivals even the prettiest MacBook.

- Ourbodybook.com, September 2016 | Read More
Baby Shopaholic


I’m excited for the direction that beauty products are heading. Scientist, along with dermatologist are finding new ways to keep us ladies looking youthful in the privacy of our own home. When a new beauty gadget hits the scene, I’m always excited to try them out to see if they work…..With pulses of ultrasound energy, JeNu helps to push anti-aging ingredients into the skin, allowing your favorite products to work faster and more efficiently.

- Thebabyshopaholic.com, September 2016 | Read More


Your skincare treatment products are packed with the best ingredients—but if they aren’t being absorbed into your skin, they are being wasted.

- colorsutraa.com, September 2016 | Read More

15 Skincare Products That Are Actually Worth The Splurge

For your facial products to work effectively, your skin needs to absorb their key ingredients. "Our skin is a barrier and helps keep things out—both good and bad," Cardarelli explains. "I started using it 2 minutes a night—immediately I saw results," Cardarelli says. "After the fourth night I decided to incorporate it into my morning routine as well. I tell all my clients it's just 2 minutes to toned, tighter, brighter-looking skin."

- Prevention.com, August 2016 | Read More

These High-Tech Beauty Products Are Worth the Splurge

This infuser has the stamp of approval from Vogue so if that doesn’t convince you, we don’t know what will! It harnesses the power of ultrasound energy and a special gel to maximize skin care product absorption which will help your pricey skin products work better and faster.

- Fabfitfun.com, August 2016 | Read More

New Frontier In Beauty | High Tech Skin Care

“But more than the sleek aesthetic or the crazy simplicity of this device, it’s the fact that the JeNu Infuser truly delivers. It is not just another fancy contraption. It is a MAGICAL wand that will make all of your wrinkles fade away (and by fade away, I mean soften to a nearly imperceptible level). Upon using it for just the recommended one minute on my smile lines and one fine wrinkle I am particularly concerned with on my forehead, I was astounded to find nothing at all in their place. Plump, baby skin was all that remained."

“Another aspect that I love about the JeNu Infuser is that you can use it however often and whenever you’d like....you can even use it in the mornings and apply your makeup over it. This is such a gentle system that it can be used on even the most sensitive skin. I’m guilty of using the wand on every member of my family as my beauty product guinea pigs, and not a single person expressed discomfort or unsavory side effects. In fact, I’m pretty sure my mom is already eyeing my wand and looking for the next opportunity to “borrow” it for an indefinite period of time.”

- Browneyedtoast.com, August 2016 | Read More

15 Skincare Products That Are Actually Worth The Splurge

"I started using it 2 minutes a night—immediately I saw results," Cardarelli says. "After the fourth night I decided to incorporate it into my morning routine as well. I tell all my clients it's just 2 minutes to toned, tighter, brighter-looking skin."

- msn.com, August 2016 | Read More

Here's What Happened When We Tried All The Weirdest Beauty Gadgets

"All those things you are putting on your face aren’t actually doing anything. That’s kind of scary. So what you want to do is get something like this [The JeNu PLUS Ultrasonic Infuser] where it’s really going to help everything seep in, soak in, do its job…"

- TheZoeReport, July 2016 | Watch Video
Fox News

Tech to help you look and feel your best

Women spend a lot of money on moisturizers and serums that are supposed to be really good at anti-aging, but there’s a problem. Watch the video to learn more.

- Fox News, July 2016 | Watch Now
The Fashion Spot

Bootcamp Beauty: Skin tightening Products That Are Like the Gym for Your Skin

This ultrasonic gadget is all the talk in the beauty world and for many good reasons. It basically makes your favorite skincare products work even better. We know, it sounds too good to be true, but it's not. A total of 365,000 pulses of ultrasonic energy per second are released, so we're talking serious business here, folks. The best part? It's a one-minute kind of facial "workout" that everyone has time for.

- The Fashion Spot, July 2016 | Read More
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JeNu PLUS Review

I'm 72 years old....it's a process. About a year and a half ago Jenu asked me to review their beauty tool and I did. I loved it and have continued to use it regularly. Recently they asked if I would review their new Jenu Plus...this is that review along with my original one...enjoy !

- RxstrMom, July 2016 | Watch Now
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JeNu “A powerful boost using any skincare product.”

After using it for several months now I definitely see an improvement around my eyes and lips. (Especially with HA5 Rejuvinating Hydrator.) There is NO discomfort whatsoever, in fact, it’s pretty relaxing and easy to use. And I am pleased to say I, and others, are seeing real results. And that’s what we look for look for right? RESULTS!

- Betteroffredblog, July 2016 | Read More
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Tools of Transformation

Harper’s Bazaar & Vogue have clamored over this tiny handheld device, whose pulsing ultrasound power (in just a minute of application time) helps your skin better absorb the key ingredients from your current skin care regimen.

- South Florida Luxury Guide, July 2016 | Read More
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Product review

Mind you Lovelies, I am a devout nightly user of my Jenu Ultra Sonic Infuser. I got a wee lazy and took about 6 weeks off from using it nightly. Let's just say you gradually return to a hag. It doesn't hit you quite how effective this little gizmo is at making your creams and serums considerably more effective, until you start using it again.

Lesson learned...Now it even gets packed for vacations and long weekends.

- DivaDebbi, July 2016 | Read More
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Dena uses JeNu with her new Korean skin care routine.

- Dena Julia, July 2016 | Read More

Favorites: Skincare and Haircare..etc! Mature Women!

"I have been using for quite a few years now….I do love this!”

- Uppiesbeads59, June 2016 | Watch Now
NBC 12 News

The Future of Beauty: High Tech Devices

JeNu is featured by 50 year old model Shelley Goodstein as a device to know about now. “Once you place that on the products you’re already using, you’re going to get 6X more absorption, so you’re going to see results faster and better. It’s a really cool gadget.”

- 12news.com, June 2016 | Watch Now
Irma's World

Embracing JeNu, the beauty wand

Using hundreds of thousands of ultrasonic energy pulses per second, the JeNu Infuser helps to push your favorite products deeper into the skin. In addition to plenty of clinical research proving this tool’s effectiveness, it’s also been endorsed by Dr. Sonia Batra, a renowned dermatologist with a practice in Santa Monica, California.

- Irmasworld.com, June 2016 | Read More
Violet Grey


This device is like an excellent tailor – capable of making expert tweaks and adjustments for a striking transformation. Approved by the Violet Code.

- Violetgrey.com, June 2016 | Read More

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Anti-Aging Wrinkle Treatments

Dr. Batra’s patients are always surprised when she tells them that this device they can use at home can be more effective than in-office procedures. The JeNu Ultrasonic Infuser, $249, uses ultrasound technology, something that’s been available in the medical setting for decades, to increase the absorption of the ingredients in your skincare products. “The skin’s function is to keep the outside world out, and it’s a very effective barrier,” Dr. Batra says. The JeNu helps make your skin care products work better by increasing delivery of active ingredients by as much as six times more than just applying topically.

- Livingbetter50.com, June 2016 | Read More

Mother's Day 2016: The Best Beauty Gifts for Every Type of Mom

This ultrasonic infuser improves the absorption of her fancy skin care products, and this latest version is very on-trend, wearing rose gold.

- GLAMOUR.com, May 2016 | Read More
Brit + Co.

9 Weird Beauty Tools You Didn’t Know You Needed

While this gadget is definitely pricey, it works with any topical skincare product. It gently pulses using ultrasonic tech, which allows the products you use to deeeeeply absorb into your skin, making your routine even more effective.

- Brit.co, May 2016 | Read More


Ever since I got serious about my skincare, I've watched my skin go from horrifying, uncontrollable nightmare to something I love and obsess over the way one would a hard-earned six pack or a master's degree. At least, that's how I imagine it being, since I possess neither of those…. Start with AHA, let sit for 10 minutes. Oils + moisturizer, Kiehl's Powerful Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate, then my Jenu UltraSonic Infuser….. I'm back to being an insane person, but damn my skin looks good again.

- DenaJulia.com, May 2016 | Read More

Suzy's sharing her newest indulgence and beauty secret!

Suzy can honestly say her skin is brighter and more radiant with each use.

- Suzysaid.com, May 2016 | Read More
Ocean Drive

Gadgets: Beauty In Your Hands

JeNu is a must –have gadget.

- Oceandrive.com.ve, May 2016 | Read More

Buzzworthy Beauty Devices That Are Actually Worth The Cost

If you’re the type who drops quite a bit of cash on premium skin care products, JeNu will be your new #best friend. While other facial cleansing tools can help your skin with absorption of facial products, JeNu takes it a step further by using ultrasonic waves to push products through skin. This means your skin care products won’t just be sitting on your #skin but actually reaching a deeper level.

- beauty.allwomenstalk.com, May 2016 | Read More

The Most Innovative New Beauty Gadgets

Instead of buying an expensive cream that works better than the one you already own, how about making sure that the cream you own is providing its maximum effects? This Ultrasonic Infuser does just that while also saving you money in the long run. Simply rub the infuser across your skin after applying any product, and it will help your skin absorb more of the product you used. JeNu’s infuser speeds up the process that your skin uses to absorb skincare products, so you can be assured that you’re getting your money’s worth!

Stylefox.com, May 2016 | Read More
Total Beauty

Total Beauty Awards 2016

Editors’ Pick Honorable Mention: JeNu PLUS Ultrasonic Infuser

- TotalBeauty.com, April 2016 | Read More
New Beauty

Supercharge Your Skin Care

Using ultrasonic energy to maximize the performance of your favorite skin-care products, this infuser helps to deliver power-packed ingredients directly into your skin. It takes just one minute a day to begin to see long-lasting results.

- NewBeauty.com, April 2016 | Read More

How Do We Love The Mothers In Our Lives

JeNu Ultrasonic Infuser is a tiny little device that helps moms make the best out of their skin care products. With JeNu, all skin care products get an ultrasonic push, propelling 6X the formula into the skin, giving your mom the power of 6 jars from just one jar.

- YourTango.com, April 2016 | Read More


It's quick and easy to use. I found that the gentle throbbing of the massager was actually super pleasant, so much so that I looked forward to using it. Then I realized it was working. Like crazy working. My skin has never, ever ever looked better. This is definitely a luxury item, but if you calculate how much you spend on your skincare products and can afford about .75 cents a day to make them exponentially more effective, then this might be the treat you were looking for!

- DenaJulia.com, March 2016 | Read More

Does Skin Care Absorption Matter?

The JeNu Ultrasonic Infuser promises to infuse skin care into your skin, where it can work best, within just one minute. Which, when all said and done, is pretty damn good….. …..Skin care efficacy depends upon how much of the ingredient is absorbed/retained in the tissue, and how much binds to target receptors in the key cells where you need it. By using methods to enhance skin care ingredient absorption, your skin care is likely to work better, because more of the ingredient will reach the target tissues, and hence there is a greater chance of binding and an effect.

- FutureDerm.com, March 2016 | Read More
Essence Magazine


Most skincare takes 8 weeks of consistent use to yield results; the Jenu Ultrasonic Infuser speeds up the process of absorption so that you can maximize the potential of those skincare products that you pay so much for. The best part? You get to keep your skin care regimen instead of betting on a whole new system.

- Essence.com, March 2016 | Read More

Top 101 Best Gift Ideas for Your Wife: The Ultimate List

#48 If your wife loves gadgets and beauty products in equal measure, this might be the best gift for her. This little beauty gadget uses ultrasonic pulses to help push skincare products into the skin. That means all of those powerful ingredients are pushed down where they can do the most work, rather than sitting uselessly on the top layer of skin.

- Heavy.com, March 2016 | Read More

7 Amazing Health and Beauty Finds

People have used superlatives like "game changing" and "amazing" to describe this skin care device, which uses ultrasonic energy via a hand-held wand to infuse your skin care products into the layers of your skin to help treat fine lines, wrinkles, dryness—all those pesky things related to aging. You know all those expensive skin care products you spend money on, hoping for a miracle? According to some studies, most of the products never even get absorbed into the skin; instead they rest on the surface of your skin, doing little to help. I guess we all need a little push now and then.

- Helathywomen.org, March 2016 | Read More

Best Of Simple Beauty for Spring 2016

A teeny tiny miracle of science, the JeNu Plus uses ultrasonic waves to infuse active ingredients into your skin—making the products you already own even more effective.

- Annesage.com, March 2016 | Read More

9 Best Tech Products at CES 2016

This little device helps increase the absorption of any skincare products by 3X. So basically you wash your face and then put all your products on like toner, moisturizer, and wrinkle cream and then use this pulsing device to push the products into your skin.

- Mommytravels.net, March 2016 | Read More
Kline Group

Best of Beauty at CEW’s Product Demonstration Event Doesn’t Disappoint!

Age-defying, innovative devices, such as JeNu’s Ultrasonic Infuser

- Klinegroup.com, March 2016 | Read More

10 Game-Changing Tools That Make Your Beauty Routine So Much Better

The Skincare Upgrade - Make all your skincare products work even better with this ultrasonic infusing tool. First apply your serum or moisturizer, then use the metal plate to push products into the skin.

- TheZoeReport, February 2016 | Read More
Michelle Phan


I’ve seen plenty of bloggers rave about this one and for good reason. If you’re spending a pretty penny on your skin care and want it to really absorb into the skin and deliver on its promises…well, Jenu is there to help. It allows the various products you use to be fully absorbed through the skin’s surface, so those wrinkles you see can start to disappear. Jenu’s technology actually pushes the product through that stubborn initial layer using ultrasonic waves, allowing it to fully infuse essential ingredients deep into your skin.

- Michelle Phan, February 2016 | Read More
Yahoo Shopping

Futuristic beauty products that will change your routine

Hailed by Vogue and Forbes as a "Game Changer" for your skincare, JeNu basically enhances all of the products you are already using and makes them work better and quicker. You had me at faster results.

- Yahoo.com, February 2016 | Read More
Angela Ricardo


I am madly in love with the fact that my skincare products, expensive serums and moisturizers are no longer going to waste. I’ve had thick creams that I applied during my night time routine that feels like it only stayed on top of my skin and washed right off without being absorbed or making a difference. With the help of Jenu’s ultrasound technology, every product is used to its maximum potential.

- Angela Ricardo, February 2016 | Read More

Beauty Gadgets We’d Love To Take Home

Have you ever wondered how technology can influence the way you moisturize? Well, with the JeNu infuser, you’ll know exactly what that’s like…..This helps with the absorption of your ordinary moisturizer by encouraging it to absorb deeper, and in a painless manner!

- Zliving.com, February 2016 | Read More
The Beauty Bean

Skin-Perfecting Beauty Gadgets Worth The Price

If you are looking to give your favorite skincare products a boost, the JeNu Ultrasonic Infuser helps your creams and serums work a heck lot better, thanks to 365,000 pulses of ultrasonic energy, which increases product absorption instantly.

- Thebeautybean.com, February 2016 | Read More

This JeNu Product Helps to Maximize the Absorption of Skincare Products

This small handheld device is designed to support a woman's skincare routine, specifically by boosting the absorption of products that are used to treat everything from fine lines and wrinkles to redness and discolored spots.

- Trendhunter, February 2016 | Read More
The Beauty Bern

The Beauty Bern

I think the Jenu and my diligent skin care routine has really helped my skin.

- The Beauty Bern, February 2016 | Watch Now
Sheryl Kraft

7 Amazing Health & Beauty Finds

People have used superlatives like “game changing” and “amazing” to describe this skin care device, which uses ultrasonic energy via a hand-held wand to infuse your skin care products into the layers of your skin to help treat fine lines, wrinkles, dryness…you know, all those pesky things related to aging. You know all those expensive skin care products you spend money on, hoping for a miracle? According to some studies, most of the products never even get absorbed into the skin; instead they rest on the surface of your skin, doing little to help. I guess we all need a little push now and then.

- Sherylkraft.com, February 2016 | ReadMore
Angela Ricardo

Top 10 Must Have Skin Care Devices for 2016

I am madly in love with the fact that my skincare products, expensive serums and moisturizers are no longer going to waste. I’ve had thick creams that I applied during my night time routine that feels like it only stayed on top of my skin and washed right off without being absorbed or making a difference. With the help of Jenu’s ultrasound technology, every product is used to its maximum potential.

- Angelaricardo.com, January 2016 | Read More
The Huffington Post

The New Boom In Beauty Gadgets And Tech Is Everything

Maximize your beauty products with JeNu's infuser, which helps increase and improve the skin's absorption to make what you use more effective with better results. Just a few minutes with the lightweight, sleek device a day is all it takes!

- Huffington Post, January 2016 | Read More

8 High Tech Beauty Products That Need To Be On Your Radar

Hand-held devices that help clean your skin are nothing new, but the JeNu Plus Ultrasonic Infuser takes the idea a few hundred steps further by utilizing 365,000 pulses of ultrasound energy per second to push cleansers and creams into your skin so that they are more effective. The user photos on their site will convert you and the results of their clinical studies are as impressive: with 100 percent of women seeing an improvement in their wrinkles.

- SheFinds.com, January 2016 | Read More
Wendy Williams Show


This product makes your skincare work 6X better. You really see the difference.

- Wendyshow.com, January 2016 | Watch Now

Beauty and technology come together in these gadgets

It increases the effectiveness of the cream.

- InStyle, January 2016 | Read More
Wall Street Journal

These Gadgets Want You To Look Better

I’ve even been doing skincare all wrong all these years! The product uses a special gel and ultrasonic pulses intended to help your skin better absorb your favorite lotions. JeNu says this is better than microdermabrasion products that just remove skin.

- Wsj.com, January 2016 | Read More
Yahoo News

Tech me beautiful: Gadgets that promise to make your skin look great

“It’s true that if the right kind of ultrasonic vibrations are used on the right kind of ingredient, absorption may be enhanced,” cosmetic chemist Randy Schueller tells Digital Trends."

- Yahoo.com, January 2016 | Read More
The Outfit

Seven Genius New Beauty Tools You've Got To Try

Make your skincare products work harder for you! This infuser will help all of your pricey lotions and potions absorb six times more effectively than if you'd simply slathered them on with your fingers.

- Theoutfit, January 2016 | Read More

Future of Beauty All About Gadgets

While the beauty industry is well regarded for packing a serious dose of science in every jar, its tools haven’t offered nearly as many widely adopted technological advances…But experts foresee exponential growth in beauty devices in the coming years. “We thought, If you are only absorbing one to 10 percent of your skin care, we could create a line that has higher absorption — or a technology that would increase the absorption of anything.”

- WWD.com, January 2016 | Read More
Fashion Times

10 Hot New Tech Products

Want a gadget to make you look better? The JeNu Infuser is revolutionizing skincare with it's ultrasonic pulsing device and special gel that enhances your skin's absorption of lotions.

- Fashiontimes.com, January 2016 | Read More
XO Vain

You Deserve a Solid Gold Skincare Routine in 2k16

The JeNu wand is the last step in my beauty routine, as it works to seal in and activate all the other products I've just used.

- Xovain.com, January 2016 | Read More
Little List

Our Little Valentine’s Day Hint List For The Mamas

A new year’s resolution is to take better care of ourselves, and this amplifies the work of the products we are already using. Lack of sleep and the cold and dry winter air has done a damper on our skin!

- littlellist.com, January 2016 | Read More

Beauty Gadgets You Need To Know About

Make your skincare products work harder for you! This infuser will help all of your pricey lotions and potions absorb six times more effectively than if you’d simply slathered them on with your fingers.

- Fabulatina.com, January 2016 | Read More

Six High-tech Beauty Gadgets That Will Horrify and Amaze You - And Possibly Make You Rethink Your Skincare Regime

You may have thought that creams and lotions were enough to keep your skin hydrated, but you were wrong, according to a company called JeNu. That's because your skin acts as an effective barrier, leaving skincare formulas to mostly sit on top of your skin's surface, where it is more likely to wash off or evaporate.

- Mirror.co.uk, January 2016 | Read More

JeNu Skin Infuser Helps You Get Better Results From Skincare Products

The device will help your skin absorb more of the product, faster. That’s huge, because skincare products like this don’t work unless they are absorbed into the skin, and they tend to be absorbed at a very low rate naturally. With JeNu’s infuser, you can either get more product into your skin or use less of it at one time, making your skincare purchases last longer.

- ChipChick.com, January 2016 | Read More
15 Minute Beauty

My Favorite Beauty Tools: Great Tools for Hair and Skin

I've only recently started using this tool, but it seems pretty amazing! It is ultrasound and helps your skincare absorb deeper into the skin, making it more effective.

- 15minutebeauty.com, January 2016 | Read More
Tech Guide

Tech Guide’s look at the top health, beauty and fitness gadgets at CES

This is a high tech beauty solution that helps increase the absorption of skincare products. The ultrasonic device is used after the cream is applied to the skin and gently moved in a circular motion to cover the areas you want to treat.

- Techguide.Com.au, January 2016 | Read More

GADGETS NEWS - Jenu Plus Ultrasonic Infuser Review: Ensuring Absorption Of Skin Products

The Jenu Plus infuser is like a sure ticket to the effectiveness of your products. It is easier to use and faster than the fingers and the results are accelerated.

- Glozine.com, January 2016 | Read More
Venus Blogs


My first year with JeNu produced dramatic results, including reduced crows feet, under-eye droopiness and nasolabial folds (those two lovely lines that run from beneath my nose, on both sides, to my lips).

- Venusblogs.com, January 2016 | Read More

2016 Skin Care Holy Grails

I won't bore you with the science, but I can tell you that for 5 painless minutes everyday, I supercharge my serum and night cream.

- Divadebbi.blogspot.com, January 2016 | Read More
Helen Ainson

6 Ways To Ramp Up Your Look This Year

The JeNu Ultrasonic Infuser has been called a “game changer” in the world of beauty. This device increases absorption of the active ingredients in your skin care products with 365,000 pulses of ultrasound energy per second!

- helenainson.com, January 2016 | Read More
Editorial by Tori Spelling

A Very ediTORIal Christmas: Day One

This amazing little device is a skincare must-have! Now, it’s not a replacement for any of your skincare treatments… it will just make them way more effective!

- Torispelling.com, December 2015 | Read More

Beauty devices: the tools that boost the efficiency of our care

Its action: after applying your treatment on your skin and a conductive gel applied to the tip, the JeNu Infuser will allow better absorption of your cream in just one minute.

- Elle.fr, December 2015 | Read More
Violet Grey

Ask Violet - How Do I Wear A Bold Red Lip?

“Lipstick is only as beautiful as the lips beneath. Apply a plumping treatment as the first step in your routine then use a nourishing balm or oil to drench lips in moisture (a device like the JeNu Infuser will dramatically increase product absorption). Massage a damp muslin cloth over lips to remove flakes or dry patches.” - VIOLET GREY

- Violetgrey.com, December 2015 | Read More

Best High-Tech Beauty Gifts

This device uses the power of ultrasound energy to maximize skin care product absorption. Whether you want to use their product or use your favorite serum, this product will deliver it to the skin faster than using a sponge or your fingers. So, as a result, you will notice that the product works better and skin is improved over time. Whether you are looking for a gift for your mom, your wife, your girlfriend, etc. this is definitely one to consider.

- Examiner.com, December 2015 | Read More
Dr. Oz Show

The Dr. Oz Show

The Coolest New Products and Items we’re Obsessed With and You will be Too! JeNu is featured as one of Dr. Oz’s top 10 favorite picks.

- The Dr. Oz Show, November 2015 | Watch Now
Yahoo Beauty

The Next Generation Of Grooming Gadgets

These 7 devices will instantly improve your getting ready routine. What you don’t want: Products like moisturizer, serums, and creams sitting on the surface of your skin. Jenu’s slim wand uses ultrasound energy to increase the skin’s absorption (up to around three times the normal amount) of anything from retinol creams to serums. Fine lines and wrinkles, be gone.

- Yahoo.com, November 2015 | Read More
New Day Northwest

Stylish Holiday Gift Ideas

JeNu is featured as a stylish holiday gift idea.

- King5.com, November 2015 | Read More
Moms Best Network

Holiday Gift Guide For You Mama

JeNu is featured as a favorite gift to give.

- Momsbestnetwork.com, November 2015 | Read More
Fashionably Petite

#Beauty20 Awards - New York 2015 - Consumers Choice Top 10

Best Technology - JeNu

- FashionablyPetite.com, November 2015 | Read More

Dr Oz: JeNu Ultrasonic Infuser

Dr Oz wanted to share the best beauty products that not only his staff was obsessed with, but the beauty world in general! Right now, everyone from Vogue to Forbes is talking about the JeNu Ultrasonic Infuser. Beauty expert Mally Roncal explained that the infuser basically makes your regular skin care products work even harder by exfoliating the top layer of your skin gently and safely.

- Wellbuzz.com, November 2015 | Watch Now

Beauty Bests

JeNu is a game-changer and worth every penny!

- CupcakeMag, November 2015 | Read More

My Autumn/Winter Beauty Routine

It’s used to increase the absorption of eye serums and help diminish signs of fine lines and I definitely see a difference.

- Bleubirdblog.com, November 2015 | Read More
InnoCos Digital

Who Won The #beauty20 New York 2015 – Consumer’s Choice Top 10


- innocosdigital.com, November 2015 | Read More
Citizens of Beauty

DIY Facial Essentials

This skincare device helps your product absorb 3x better into the skin than without it. So basically, your skin is getting the full benefits of the skincare products you are applying.

- citizensofbeauty.com, November 2015 | Read More
Best of Best Product


The JeNu Infuser allows your skin to absorb nutrients and vital complexes from the various products you are already using at a much greater absorption rate than normal. This means the effect is magnified and sped up to a spectacular degree. Your skin will be softer, wrinkles will disappear, and blemishes will fade much faster.

- Bestofbestproduct.com, October 2015 | Read More
Beauty Professor

15 Beauty Innovations That Should Be on Your Radar

The wand itself may be subtle and silent, however, I adore the idea of my skincare reaching into my visage to actually have substantive results.

- Beauty Professor, October 2015 | Read More

The Next Generation of Grooming Gadgets

What you don’t want: Products like moisturizer, serums, and creams sitting on the surface of your skin. JeNu’s slim wand uses ultrasound energy to increase the skin’s absorption (up to around three times the normal amount) of anything from retinol creams to serums. Fine lines and wrinkles, be gone.

- Q by Equinox, October 2015 | Read More
The Chemist


I LOVE LOVE LOVE. It is designed to circumvent one of the biggest challenges in cosmetics: to improve the effectiveness of the products increasing the absorption of assets. As good as it gets.

- Thechemistlook.com, September 2015 | Read More

SkinTrust skincare for healthy, beautiful skin

Every 50 minute facial includes a detailed analysis of your skin’s health and a targeted eye treatment using the JeNu ultrasound technology.

- Examiner.com, August 2015 | Read More

I Tried an Ultrasound Wand for Your Face

If you do the math, adding three to five minutes to your nightly routine is well worth tripling the absorption and effectiveness of your favorite products you already rely on.

- MimiChatter, August 2015 | Read More

JeNu Review

I used the MicroSphere Conducting Gel that came with my JeNu and my DNA Eye Renewal eye cream 3 nights in a row and could actually see a difference after the first application. By night 3 I was sold…. hook, line and sinker.

- Fabulous365, August 2015 | Read More
The Gloss

11 Beauty Gadgets That You Should Know About, Other Than The Clarisonic Mia

It doesn’t really matter what you’re putting on your face if it doesn’t get absorbed properly. The JeNu Infuser makes your favorite products work faster and more effectively.

- The Gloss, August 2015 | Read More

30 Day Update: JeNu Ultrasonic Infuser System

This easy to use at home gadget truly is a miracle worker. The wand and conducting gel, use ultrasound to makes every anti-aging cream you already own supercharged. Kind of like getting the results they promised in the first place :)

- DivaDebbi, August 2015 | Read More

Skin Fix: The JeNu Ultrasonic Infuser Will Change Your Beauty Routine Forever

This not only ensures that the active ingredients in your favorite products are able to do the best possible job, but it also propels 3 times the formula into your skin with a single dose, so you get more bang for your buck.

- Forbes, August 2015 | Read More

8 High-Tech Beauty Products You Can Buy Right Now

The JeNu Ultrasonic Infuser actually functions using a fairly basic concept: use ultrasound to increase the skin’s absorption capacity. It’s designed so you get more use out of the skincare stuff you’ve got and see faster results.

- Bustle, June 2015 | Read More
Beauty News NYC Logo

Best At-Home Spa Devices: Get A Spa Like Glow All On Your Own!

Allows you to get 3X the absorption of vital complexes from your skincare products, so you see better results faster. Gentle ultrasonic pressure waves massage your favorite treatments into your skin. It’s wireless, portable and only takes one minute a day to use. How easy is that?

- Beautynewsnyc, June 2015 | Read More
Mom.me Logo

10 Beauty Gadgets Totally Worth the Money

JeNu Ultrasonic Infuser uses pulses of ultrasound energy to push anti-aging ingredients into the skin, allowing your favorite products to work faster and more efficiently.

- Mom.me, June 2015 | Read More
VivaFifty Logo

Gift Ideas For Middle-Aged Moms

We put this one down for beauty lovers but it’s also for techies. This handy rechargeable device uses pulses of ultrasound energy and vibrates the MicrosPhere Conducting Gel™ it comes with, helping push the skin product of your choice into your skin, increasing its absorption. It can be used with any of the skin care lines you already own, morning and night. As with any beauty regimen, it requires consistency.

- VivaFifty, May 2015 | Read More
DFW Logo


This slim high-tech wand utilizes ultrasound energy to increase the skin’s absorption of any product—from retinol creams to free radical–fighting gels—by a factor of ten.

- DFWbeautyguide.com, January 2015 | Read More
Vogue Logo

The January Hit List: 10 Game Changing Beauty Products You Need for the Year Ahead

This slim high-tech wand utilizes ultrasound energy to increase the skin’s absorption of any product-from retinol cream to free radical-fighting gels.

- Vogue.com, January 2015 | Read More
Byrdie Logo

Botox, Meet Your Match: 16 Buzzy New Skin Treatments On The Block

The JeNu ultrasound system increases the efficacy of your skincare products by creating a delivery path for the key active ingredients they contain. In other words: It allows powerhouses like retinol and hyaluronic acid to permeate and absorb into the skin, so they can work better on your behalf instead of sitting on the top layer of the skin.

- Byrdie.com, January 2015 | Read More
Style Watch Logo

High Tech Tools

The JeNu wand uses ultrasound to push antiaging ingredients “through the skin’s otherwise very effective barrier,” says dermatologist Sonia Batra, “allowing the anti-agers to work faster and more efficiently.”

- Harper’s Bazaar, February 2015 | Read More
Livingly Logo

Do You Need a Product Absorption Device?

JeNu boasts three times the normal product absorption rate.

Livingly.com, January 2015 | Read More
FabOverFifty Logo


I always wanted a magic wand and now I have it. JeNu is a must-have in the beauty routine of every woman over 45 (or the age when your estrogen level starts to diminish, and you suddenly see wrinkles, not to mention looser, drier and thinner skin). If your results are anything like mine, JeNu will become your “magic wand”, too!

- Geri Brin, Founder, FabOverFifty.com, 2015 | Read More
HotandFlashy Logo


“Now it can be used with any skincare product that you are already using….whether it’s discolorations, fine lines and wrinkles, the JeNu can help with all of those things.”

- HotandFlashy, 2015 | Watch Now
New Beauty Logo

Line Eraser

The JeNu Ultrasonic Infuser works to further drive anti-aging products into skin for better results.

- New Beauty, Spring/Summer 2015 | Read More
Style Watch Logo

This Device is Like a Magic Wand for Your Beauty Products

"What if there were something that you just wave at your moisturizer, your serum, your anti-aging and under-eye creams and - poof! - they become even more effective? Well, we've got news: That something does exist. And it works really, really well. So well that women who tried it (PEOPLE editors included) noticed an improvement in their complexion and a decrease in nthe amount of fine lines within a matter of weeks."

- People Stylewatch, JANUARY 2015 | Read More
SB Logo

Do You Need a Product Absorption Device?

Using ultrasound waves and their MicroSphere Conducting Gel to help carry product into the skin, the JeNu boasts three times the normal product absorption rate.

- Style Bistro, January 2015 | Read More
Beauty by the Ages Logo


Because it’s so easy to incorporate into a daily beauty regimen—really, it’s just a more efficient way to apply the products you already use—I am still using my JeNu every day.

- BeautybytheAges.com, 2015 | Read More
RxstrMom Logo


“I see myself using this every single day.”

- RxstrMom, 2015 | Watch Now
Ageist Logo

Amp Up Your Skin Care Effectiveness with JeNu

As fastidious as you may be with your skin care routine, when applied with your fingertips, a significant amount of those precious serums and creams just sits on the skin’s surface only to either evaporate or rub off on your pillowcase. As a result, only a small portion of product ends up being absorbed into your skin. JeNu uses ultrasound technology and a proprietary conductive MicroSphere gel to make skin care products significantly more effective.

- Ageist Beauty, January 2015 | Read More
TheBeautorialist Logo

New Must Try Beauty Products

This nifty little device uses ultrasound energy to increase absorption of your facial creams and serums.

-The Beautorialist, January 2015 | Read More
HiTechBeauty Logo


The JeNu Infuser uses the power of ultrasound waves to effectively push ingredients into the skin, to an extent that standard fingertip application simply cannot replicate.

- HiTechBeauty.com, 2015 | Read More
New York Times

In the Wrinkle Wars, a New Weapon

Last June, JeNu, a $249 wand that claims to decrease wrinkles and increase hydration by using ultrasound waves to propel into the skin, hit department-store counters to a flurry of attention (Vogue, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar have all featured the device).

- The New York Times, May 2014 | Read More
New Beauty

3 Volume-Boosting Beauty Products For Your Hair, Lips and Skin

Creates fullness and volume in your lips.

- NewBeauty.com, November 2013 | Read More
vogue Logo

What if You Could Make Your Favorite Cream Work Even Harder

“Ultrasound is at work in the JeNu Active-Youth Skincare System, a minimalist brushed-metal handpiece that “looks like an Apple device,” notes New York dermatologist Julie Karen, M.D. The waves gently jostle microspheres....which in turn open up temporary channels in the skin barrier for vitamin A, hyaluronic acid, and peptides to pass through.”

- Vogue, August 2013 | Read More
Elle Logo

With these 21 breakthroughs to stop the clock from head to toe, not even your dermatologist will know your real age

“At home device JeNu bumps up the power of the brand’s proprietary topicals...by using ultrasound waves to propel more ingredients into the skin.”

- ELLE, October 2013 | Read More
Harper's Bazaar Logo

High Tech Beauty. New at home gadgets claim you are only a battery charge away from a younger-looking you

“Results can take a few weeks, but I noticed immediate hydration and plumping (along with a mild tingling).”

- Harper's Bazaar, October 2013 | Read More
InStyle Logo

Do They Really Work?

“After two weeks of nightly use, the skin around my tester’s eyes was far more hydrated, and there was a softening of fine lines.”

- InStyle, September 2013 | Read More
New Beauty Logo

The Best Ways to Restore Volume

“A powerful youth-inducer, JeNu Anti-Aging System uses ultrasound technology, which, according to the company, helps skin-care ingredients better permeate the skin.”

- New Beauty, November 2013 | Read More
US Weekly Logo

Watch Years Fade Away With These Five Surgery-Free Strategies!

- US Weekly, May 2013 | Read More
She Finds Logo

If you really hate wrinkles, you gotta try the Jenu Active System

- She Finds, 2013 | Read More
American Spa Logo

JeNu Biosciences Launches Active-Youth Skincare System

“JeNu Biosciences, which develops and markets low-powered ultrasound technologies, recently launched the Active-Youth Skincare System, an at-home system that harnesses the power of ultrasound technology for anti-aging.”

- American Spa, November 2013 | Read More
Bella Logo

The Ultimate “New You” Beauty Day Planner

When it comes to looking and feeling your best, timing is everything. Here’s how (and when!) to make some fresh changes for the most beautiful you...ever.

- Bella, Jan/Feb 2013 | Read More

JeNu is also available at Nordstrom.com and NeimanMarcus.com.