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Great Product by Pam on 11/28/2017

Having used the original JeNu for awhile, I advanced to the newer version. It definitely has more power. I am very pleased with the results I am seeing. Fine lines are disappearing and deeper lines are much less presented. The JeNu also brings color to my cheeks. When you consider the cost of cosmetic surgery, which I would not do, the price for the JeNu is a great value. Commit to using it every day and the results will speak for themselves.

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Great by Lynn on 11/23/2017

I notice a change in the texture of my skin and looks better. Haven’t used to long yet, but happy with product so far.

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A MUST HAVE by Roseminxx on 11/18/2017

I love this collagen mineral gel

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love it. by Jean Frobes on 11/14/2017

Love it, feels so very good on my face. I have seen a difference in the few weeks I have used it. I am in need of more gel. so if I could place an order for the gel that would be great.

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Great product by OC Mom on 11/11/2017

I love my Jenu - I feel like my skin is so much better moisturized and has a glow. I am really happy with this purchase.

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Best product I’ve ever bought! by Darby on 11/11/2017

All I can say is wow! Like many women, I’ve spent tons of money on the latest, greatest skin care products. I’d use them for a month or so and see no improvement, then to the back of the shelf they’d go. I was skeptical of this product but was like, I’ll give it a try. So glad I did. It’s not a gimmick. This product really works! No waiting to see results either. I love that I could again try all those fancy creams that were just going to waste. It’s so easy to use and fast. Some regimes I’ve used in the past could take up to a half hour. With jenu I’m done in 5 minuets! And see results right away. Fine lines are going away! I will never be without this. Thank you so much.

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Very good product. I am seeing progressive results! by Susala on 11/11/2017

I have found that with continual use of the Jenu that many of my fine lines are becoming less pronounced.

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I'm enjoying the Ultrasonic Infuser by Bethann on 11/10/2017

I enjoy using the infuser while I'm placing lotion on my face - it does seem to help but I have to say you have to keep up with it to see a difference, like anything else. Consistency is the key and it does help with the absorption of the lotions, getting a deep massage and so I'm loving it - Thank you

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Great product by TERD on 11/08/2017

This is a great product and believe it has made a difference in my skin in just a few short weeks.

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Awesome product after using a week. by Babs on 11/08/2017

I am one of the biggest critics and I have to say I am impressed. after the first week throat was tightened, lines are shrinking. Very happy with how my dry skin has gone away. I have also recommended it to my friends and I would never do that if the product did not work.

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Got an "A+" from the estician at the Ritz by Cher on 11/03/2017

I thought my skin was looking really good. It's was confirmed for me when I had a recent facial. So I'm not using the infusion products. I was worried that it had chemicals in it. So instead I am using Aloe Vera from my garden as the replacement. It works very well. First, I put my serum and gels on my face and under eyes. Then I use the Jenu with the aloe Vera. When that's done I put on my moisturizer. So far I'm impressed. We will see.

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Fine lines improved...little change to neck area by RMoore on 10/27/2017

I have great skin to begin with thanks to genetics. I'm 52 & just began to notice fine lines around my eyes & marinette lines. My dermatlogists wouldn't do any fillers as she said I need more lines. LOL! I purchased the Jenu because I'm beginning to get crepey skin on my neck. I've been using it nightly & I've noticed an overall improvement in the appearance & texture of my skin...except my neck. There is virtually no change there except the skin is softer. I'll continue to use the Jenu and try twice daily in the neck area for better results.

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Hope it will work over time. by Hopefull on 10/26/2017

I have dark spots on my face (age) that I have great hopes of removing. I have used the JeNu for 2 weeks 2 x day. I have noticed a slight lightening of the spot. I am hopeful that over time it will continue to lighten.

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Works well by Lynn on 10/18/2017

I have been using the Jenu for about 21/2 weeks now and I definitely c a difference wrinkles are not as deep...hopefully I will continue to c results

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I've been using this product for 3 weeks and see an overwhelming improvement!! by Reds on 10/17/2017

I use the bottle gel on my areas I want to focus on, mouth lines and forehead. I put the gel on the infuser and spread around before I hit the start button. I only use a dab and focus on my lower lip and then repeat for my upper lip. I do the same for my forehead, only split it in half, so I use the infuser for 2 minutes on my forehead, 1 minute for right and left.

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I'm on week four of using my JeNu and I have to say I already see a big difference. I'm very happy with JuNu and the two products I'm using with it , looking forward to trying a few more of there products. by Moe on 10/11/2017

I'm very happy with my JeNu and the two products I've tried thus far . I have been using this for four weeks and I already see a difference. I look forward to trying a few more of there products.

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Happy with results by Katie's Mama on 10/07/2017

I just turned 64. I have been using JeNu for about 3 weeks now. I use it mainly at night and have noticed an improvement in the texture of my skin. My skin was bumpy and rough. It's now much smoother and I'm seeing an improvement in my eye crinkles. My skin looks healthier. I have recently added a dark spot solution to my regimen and hoping to see improvement over time. I am happy so far and wish I had purchased my JeNu sooner.

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Great product by CherylAnn on 10/05/2017

I am 62 years old with a sun damaged face (wrinkles) and have always had very dry skin. I believe this could be sold at a lower price BUT it is still a great value compared to other like products I have looked at. I have been using it once daily for one month with the exception of a few missed days on occasion. I "feel" like the product is working, but have no way of knowing for sure yet. With that said, I will continue to use it even if I don't see results, just to prevent future damage. I did take a picture of my worst side at the start of using it, so I will be able to make a comparison when I see fit to! Also, JeNu's very own HA Serum is the BEST I have ever used! I definitely recommend this to every woman that wants to try it! Sincerely, CherylAnn

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It is great! by Cindyaz on 10/04/2017

I am 63 and started using it about 2 weeks ago. It really works and my face and neck are much better! My skin looks amazing. The only downside is they stated the gel I got is enough for 1 year, I don’t think so...

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Love it by Debbie williams on 10/04/2017

Love using my jenu easy and quick to use

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need more guidance by Buffy on 09/21/2017

I haven't noticed a large difference in absorbing quality, but I do enjoy using the machine. I would like more guidance in using it. the directions had 3 short steps. later I received an email about which OTC products worked best with this and I appreciated that. However is there a chat page or facebook page where women can post ideas or comments on what works best for them with this device? I need someone to give me "hints" and things like that on use. which is better, morning or evening?

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Love it! Especially collagen gel by Robin on 09/19/2017

Have noticed a considerable difference in my skin. Dark spots are fading and lines less noticeable. Only disappointment is that they run out of stock.. Need more collagen gel!!

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benefits by Shortcake on 09/17/2017

I have really seen a difference in my skin with using this product. My skin is so much softer. i use it for 2 minutes on my face and neck area. Quick and so simple to use. I would recommend to anyone. Charges very easily and great quality.

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I'm using the go pure skin care line, vitamin C cleanser, retinol, hylauronic acid, and collegian with my regular moisturizer and of course eye cream. by Susan on 08/10/2017
Amazing! by E Sisney on 08/08/2017

Truly have seen a differance in my skin and pore size. Luv how my skin glows and feels. Highly recomend.

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Gel by Shelly on 08/05/2017

Excellent product finally something that works ! Please people understand the gel is very important in ultrasound to push the product in ! This method is also used in medical ! If you don't use the product properly the results will not be there !

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Using Day and Night for 3 weeks, no undereye difference. Skin is brighter by Cheer Girl on 08/01/2017

I was so excited to get my JeNu. The under eye results I've seen are amazing. I've been using the JeNu morning and night for 3 weeks. No undereye difference. My skin does look brighter. I guess I need to purchase JeNu serum. One of the selling for me was the list of other products that work with JeNu.

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Not sure yet by Anne on 08/01/2017

The jury is still out in efficacy. I've been using Jenu for over 2 months with my favorite products but haven't seen any tightening of my chin or minimization of wrinkles on my forehead or décolletage. I'm hoping it just means that I've not used it long enough to see change vs. that it's not going to make change. There seem to be plenty of customers who have seen satisfactory changes, so I'm still hopeful.

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Love it by Jenny on 07/30/2017
Very pleased with Jenu by Karin281 on 07/18/2017

Very pleased with my Jenu (I bought refurbished). I used it for about four minutes (forehead, sides, chin and jawline) 3-4 days a week. I use Korean skincare, so my routine is: cleanse, then Son & Park Beauty Water, then Missha Spray Essence, then four drops of Erborian Ginsing Elixir. End with Innisfree Bio-Essence Wrinkle Spot Treatment under eyes and around mouth. Then I use my Jenu. Very impressed. My skin is plumper, smoother, the lines around my mouth lessened and very impressed with the improvement around my eyes. Would definitely recommend purchasing. I'm 49.

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JeNu is ranked 4.5 out of 5. Based on 30 user reviews.

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