Get Better Results From Your Skin Care Regimen

by Dr. Sonia Batra

When it comes to skin care products, we all love pretty packaging. But, we also know that it’s what’s inside—in other words, the right ingredients—that’s most important. In my years as a dermatologist, however, I’ve realized that even the savviest product aficionados fail to take into account something that’s every bit as important as ingredients: the means in which these ingredients are delivered into the skin.  The skin’s function is to keep the outside world out, and it is a very effective barrier.  Many of my patients spend thousands of dollars every year on the latest and greatest formulations, but very few take the time to ensure they’re applying them properly to maximize absorption. The result? These coveted ingredients literally evaporate into thin air, or even wash off, before getting a chance to absorb—and my patients are left without the results they expected, disenchanted with the products, and reaching for their credit cards to spend even more money on something else.

While you simply cannot expect miracles out of topical skin care products (no serum on the planet is going to give you a face lift) you most certainly can—and should!—see results over time from what you’re putting on your face every morning and night. It’s simply a matter of following a few simple rules. If you’re impatient and don’t want to wait 3 months to see an improvement in, say, your dark spots or crow’s feet, you can also kick things up a notch with a device that’s designed to increase absorption, like the JeNu Ultrasonic Infuser, which can be used with any product you choose. Normally, I am a bit of a skeptic when t comes to gadgets of this nature; after I read through its clinical data, I was impressed enough to try it, and after using it for a week I loved it so much that I had my staff try it, too. We all love it because it’s safe, easy, pain-free, and, above all, effective. In fact, it’s been proven to on average triple the absorption of common skin care products. We’ve all noticed a much greater return on the products we use every day.


Whether you opt to use a device like JeNu or not, you must follow one golden rule in applying your products, and that is, to respect the order in which they must be applied! Always go from lightest (an antioxidant serum, perhaps) to heaviest (your night cream). This is important, because heavier products first will prevent anything else from sinking in. Another tried-and-true tactic is to wait a full minute between layering products to ensure you’re not diluting anything. Finally? Always apply SPF as your final step—even if you are using a JeNu wand to increase your products’ absorption before this. Sun protection products that contain physical blockers, like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, actually are meant to sit on top of the skin’s surface.

Below are basics on applying any formulation the best way. If you are using multiple products, you can layer them all on and then use JeNu to give them that ultrasonic push. I recommend using JeNu for one minute on half of your face at a time.

 Face Cream –

  1. Apply size of a green pea in palm of your hand then rub palms together to warm product and spread it on palms.
  2. Press product into areas to be applied – start with cheeks (driest), then nose, forehead and chin.
  3. Massage gently into skin.

Eye Cream –

  1. Use size of dime total for both eyes.
  2. Gently pat into skin using your forefinger and middle finger.
  3. Start from the inside and work your way out.
  4. Pat into upper eyelid as well if product permits.

Serum –

  1. Apply size of a penny in palm of your hand then rub palms together to warm product and spread it on palms.
  2. Press product into areas to be applied – start with cheeks (driest), then nose, forehead and chin.
  3. Massage gently into skin.


  1. 5 dot method - dab onto face in sections (forehead, cheeks, chin and nose).
  2. Sweep in outward motions.
  3. Pat excess into skin.

Oil –

  1. Apply size of a quarter in palm of your hand then rub palms together to warm product.
  2. Sweep out and up.
  3. Massage into skin in circular motions.

2 thoughts on “Get Better Results From Your Skin Care Regimen”

  • Deborah

    I find that after I apply product and use the infuser, my skin exfoliates a lot of what seems is the top layer of skin. Is that normal? I have only been using this for a week. Perhaps my face was in real need of exfoliating even though I clean my face with an exfoliating pad and cleanser every day. Interested to hear your response to see if I am doing something incorrectly.
    Thank you

    • JeNu Advisor
      JeNu Advisor May 9, 2017 at 1:44 pm

      Deborah it is most likely the naturally derived Gel leaving a residue. The Gel uses a unique mineral bond that can cause pilling when used with certain products. This is because we are trying to make a formula as natural as possible. If this happens, you can rinse your face after using the Infuser and then apply a light layer of moisturizer. Or you can wipe away the Gel with a cleansing cloth.

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