Why Does The New Naturally-Derived Conducting Gel Pill?

To make our products as natural and good for you as possible, we utilize a mineral bond emulsion that comes from a unique clay located in France.  This emulsion process allows us to maintain the integrity of our actives while eliminating the need for synthetic emulsifiers.  As we are always seeking to improve,  we are learning that a small percentage of users may experience a pilling effect.  If this does happen, we suggest the following for using the Infusion Gel with the Infuser.
1. Apply the skin care product(s) of your choice onto clean skin as normally directed. Wait 1 minute after layering skin care to use the Infuser.
2. Apply a drop of the MicroSphere Infusion Gel directly onto the head of the JeNu Infuser. (For larger areas, use a dime size amount of the Gel. For more targeted areas, use a pearl size drop of the Gel.) You may also dot the Gel directly onto the skin in the different sections of the face you plan to treat.
3. Press the power button firmly. The LED light will come on and there will be a slight vibration in the Infuser handle. Gently move the Infuser in a circular motion over desired area. The Infuser will automatically turn-off after one minute.

4. After treatment, you will have maximized absorption of your skin care serums and creams.

To remove excess Gel on the skin:
AM: Quickly rinse skin after treatment, apply SPF, proceed with makeup application
PM: Gently buff away excess Gel with a dry cloth to avoid flaking. This will also help with micro-circulation which detoxifies cells.

Learn more about our patent-pending JeNu High Tech Natural™ Technology here.


2 thoughts on “Why Does The New Naturally-Derived Conducting Gel Pill?”

  • Myra Stansill

    How can I be sure my JeNu is on and working?

    • JeNu Advisor
      JeNu Advisor May 9, 2017 at 1:45 pm

      Myra the light will be on above the power button and you will feel a very slight vibration. Ultrasound has no sensation. The vibration was added so you know it is on and working.

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