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  • What To Expect From Your JeNu Infuser

    Skin care professionals have been using absorption techniques for years in their services but until JeNu was created, it wasn't something that could be done safely in the comfort of your own home. We created the JeNu Infuser because we learned that beauty consumers were still spending billions of dollars per year on their skin care regimens even though they were claiming to be dissatisfied with the results they were getting. Although there are many great and powerful formulations being developed with the intention to produce visible results, there remained one critical problem…..unless they are absorbed into skin they can’t be as effective as they were designed to be. We knew from studies that in many cases as much as 90% isn’t absorbed due to a number of factors.† A main one being that skin acts as a barrier and is designed to keep things out – good and bad. We want to help you understand why this device is important and what you should expect when adding it to your regimen. Continue reading

  • What Editor's Are Saying About The JeNu Infuser

  • The Proper Way To Place Your Infuser On The Charger

    Watch this short clip to see how to properly place your Infuser on your charger! Your Infuser will come fully charged and should last about 40 uses before needing to be re-charged. You can also store your Infuser on the charger after each use.

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  • Why Does The New Naturally-Derived Conducting Gel Pill?

    To make our products as natural and good for you as possible, we utilize a mineral bond emulsion that comes from a unique clay located in France.  This emulsion process allows us to maintain the integrity of our actives while eliminating the need for synthetic emulsifiers.  As we are always seeking to improve,  we are learning that a small percentage of users may experience a pilling effect.  If this does happen, we suggest the following for using the Infusion Gel with the Infuser.
    1. Apply the skin care product(s) of your choice onto clean skin as normally directed. Wait 1 minute after layering skin care to use the Infuser.
    2. Apply a drop of the MicroSphere Infusion Gel directly onto the head of the JeNu Infuser. (For larger areas, use a dime size amount of the Gel. For more targeted areas, use a pearl size drop of the Gel.) You may also dot the Gel directly onto the skin in the different sections of the face you plan to treat.
    3. Press the power button firmly. The LED light will come on and there will be a slight vibration in the Infuser handle. Gently move the Infuser in a circular motion over desired area. The Infuser will automatically turn-off after one minute.

    4. After treatment, you will have maximized absorption of your skin care serums and creams.

    To remove excess Gel on the skin:
    AM: Quickly rinse skin after treatment, apply SPF, proceed with makeup application
    PM: Gently buff away excess Gel with a dry cloth to avoid flaking. This will also help with micro-circulation which detoxifies cells.

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  • Get Better Results From Your Skin Care Regimen

    by Dr. Sonia Batra

    When it comes to skin care products, we all love pretty packaging. But, we also know that it’s what’s inside—in other words, the right ingredients—that’s most important. In my years as a dermatologist, however, I’ve realized that even the savviest product aficionados fail to take into account something that’s every bit as important as ingredients: the means in which these ingredients are delivered into the skin.  The skin’s function is to keep the outside world out, and it is a very effective barrier.  Many of my patients spend thousands of dollars every year on the latest and greatest formulations, but very few take the time to ensure they’re applying them properly to maximize absorption. The result? These coveted ingredients literally evaporate into thin air, or even wash off, before getting a chance to absorb—and my patients are left without the results they expected, disenchanted with the products, and reaching for their credit cards to spend even more money on something else.

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  • A Guide For Applying Skin Care Products The Right Way

    We get asked a lot what's the best way to apply skin care products, especially when using it with the JeNu Infuser. Below is a detailed guide on Dr. Batra's suggested application technique so you can get the most out of your skin care.

    Recommended order of application of products – lightest to heaviest, as heavier products first will sit on top of skin and prevent absorption of lighter products.

    Maximum absorption tip: wait one minute between applying each product!

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  • Which Skin Care Brands Had The Best Results With JeNu?

    fb-banner2-20170613Want to know which products got the best results when the JeNu Infuser was added?

    An independent research group gave women across the nation a JeNu Ultrasonic Infuser and instructed them to use it with their existing skin care products.

    The testers were 160 ethnically diverse women between the ages of 30 and 67.

    Over 200 products from 80 different brands were tested with the JeNu Infuser, including: Lancome, Clinique, Olay, Estee Lauder, Philosophy, Strivectin, La Mer, Avon, Neutrogena, Shiseido and many more.

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