How to Use It


The first skincare system to harness the proven power of ultrasound waves for more youthful-looking eyes and lips!

Step 1

At night, apply a small pearl-sized amount of Active-Youth Eye Treatment directly onto the JeNu wand head. Switch on and hold comfortably, with index finger resting lightly on the finger rest.

Step 2

Slowly and gently move the JeNu wand head underneath and around the eye area in overlapping circles until the wand automatically shuts off. Gently pat any remaining Active-Youth Eye Treatment into the skin with ring finger.

Step 3

Repeat entire process on the other eye.

Step 4

To use the JeNu wand on your lips, simply apply the Active-Youth Lip Serum directly onto the wand head or onto your lips.

Step 5

Slowly move the JeNu wand in overlapping circles across your lip area until the wand automatically shuts off after one minute.

Enjoy more youthful looking eyes and lips that are purely kissable!